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Guided Fishing Trips

Would you be interested in pike fishing, jig fishing for perch and zander or perhaps pike fly fishing?

On these trips, the client can decide whether to focus on looking for just that BIG record fish or spend the day casually fishing and enjoying the scenery and fishing with different equipment. With me, you can try fishing for pike with big rubber lures and jerks. In the summer, we mainly focus on fishing with spinnerbaits.

For perch and zander fishing we have latest sonar systems with Garmin live scope to find the fishes.

You don't need to have the equipment or experience to fish. Just let us know when booking so I will prepare for our upcoming trip with the necessary equipment. The trip is made on a state-of-the-art fishing boat with a guide. The trip includes fishing guidance, fishing equipment, life jackets, and catch handling. The price does not include lunch, fishing gear or fisheries management fee. If desired, they will be included in the price of the trip.

Example schedule for a day's fishing trip:

• 9.00 Meeting at the agreed pier, change of equipment, departure to the sea, start of fishing

• 12.00 Lunch break on an island or boat in a quiet location. Eating lunch in the wild makes it a special experience.

• 15.00 Return to shore and possible catch handling

Excited man holding approx 10 kg Pike perch in hands

For the love of fishing

I started fishing as a small boy. I spent summers with my grandparents at our cottage in Rymättylä, where my favorite was to sit with my grandfather on the pier and do line fishing. Whatever we caught was always taken to grandmother to cook. Nothing was as great as being able to eat the fish we caught ourselves. From line fishing, I naturally progressed to lure fishing as well as fly fishing. I became especially interested in fly fishing and have fished in various wilderness lakes, streams, and large salmon rivers such as the Teno river. There are some great moments when you catch a fish with a fly that you have tied yourself.

Fishing guide holding approx 6 kg Pike perch with jig still in mouth

Right now, my biggest passion is jig fishing as well as pike fishing. These are also the most popular guided tours now. I like testing different fishing gear, and I like to try all new lures and try to develop and find the best fishing methods.

competition angling

Sport fishing competition crew standing on pier
Photo: Jyri Haapanen

Even at a young age, I became acquainted with competitive angling, and the greatest achievement from those times was winning the Finnish Junior Championship in line fishing. My competitive fishing career continues and regularly compete in lure fishing with my boat. Technology is evolving at a rapid pace, and fishing has also found many new opportunities to find the “catch of your life”. One of them is live sonar, in which new sonar provides an active underwater image, enabling the fisherman to react in real time to the movements of the fish. This form of fishing is one of the largest and most popular in competitive fishing. Competitive fishing has also taken me overseas to compete. I competed in the Netherlands in the World Predator Classic, which included the best anglers from Europe. In 2019, our result was 13/50.

Sport fishing profile from Nordic Fishing Games

How i became a guide

Fishing has always been close to my heart. Before becoming a guide, I also used the services of various guides myself. One day, while sitting in another guide’s boat in particularly harsh weather I thought to myself there must be a safer and more comfortable way to fish on the sea. So I went to look for a boat that would meet my high standards. Once I found a suitable boat I signed up to train as a fishing guide and graduated from Parainen Fishing School in 2016. That's how my company Big Pike Adventures started. I have completed the charter boat driver’s license, required first aid courses and I have a hygiene certificate.

 I enjoy being with different people and when fishing I am very calm and patient. On trips, lines and lures can become tangled in reeds or trapped on the seabed. When this happens nerves are often tested, but it is part of fishing, and the problems are always solved with a smile. In my free time I often look for new places to ensure a memorable fishing experience for my customers!

I guide fishermen of all levels. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a boat for the first time in your life or have already been on thousands of fishing trips. We go through the safety regulations with all customers at the start of a trip, and they must be observed. I will train you to use the sonar and teach you the different methods of fishing, and how to choose the right lures and fishing method according to season.

Our trips follow the principles of sustainable fishing, i.e., we do not go on trips to fill the freezers, but to create unique experiences and ensure that it is possible to keep fishing in the future. If you want to take home some of your catch we comply with the upper and lower limits set by the Fishing Guide Association:

  • Zander 42-60 cm
  • Pike 50-80 cm
  • Perch less than 35 cm


Sport fishing boat in the water

My boat is a 2018 Crestliner Fish Hawk 1850 Wt Evinrude G2 150 H.O with a top speed of 40 knots. The boat is equipped with the latest electronics and fishing aids. The fishing gear in my boat is always serviced and is often the latest model as I update them whenever possible. The boat is currently equipped with two Garmin GPSMAP Series 12” screens and a Garmin livescope live sonar as well as a Garmin force bow thruster. In the shallows the boat is held in place by Power-Pole Blade 10-foot shallow water anchors. My boat is fully certified as a charter boat and equipped with all the necessary rescue and safety equipment.

Sport fishing team on boat, in the water
Photo: Jyri Haapanen

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